Projects 2nd phase

Priority Program Electromagnetic Sensors for Life Sciences ‐ 2nd Phase

New sensor concepts and technologies for biomedical analysis and diagnostics, 

process‐ and environmental monitoring

PI Topic
Bosserhoff, Erlangen
Haring Bolivar, Siegen
Wigger, Siegen
Ultrasensitive marker-free biomolecular THz-detection for tumor related analytics: PCR-free sensitivity, biomolecular extension and biological relevance
Capellini, Frankfurt
Piehler, Osnabrück
Witzigmann, Kassel
Integrated microstructures for label-free interrogation of protein conformational dynamics by plasmon-enhanced THz spectroscopy
Damm, Ulm
Göringer, Darmstadt
APTERA II – Electromagnetic THz- and mm-wave Sensors for African Trypanosomes using RNA Aptamer-Derivatized Surface Layers
Goertz, Bochum
Vossiek, Erlangen
BURNTwo – Burn Wound Assessment Using Microwave Imaging Radar Based Near Field Techniques – Phase II
Hübers, Berlin
Koczulla, Marburg
Schmalz, Frankfurt
Multi-band millimeter wave / terahertz breath sensor based on molecular absorption spectroscopy
Jakoby, Darmstadt
Vogl, Frankfurt
Dual-mode microwave applicator for diagnosis and thermal ablation treatment of organic tissue
Kissinger, Frankfurt
Tillack, Berlin
Integrated Lab-on-Chip Terahertz-Spectroscopy Platform in BiCMOS Technology II (THz-LoC II)
MacGrogan, Bordeaux
Pfeiffer, Wuppertal
Zimmer, Talence
A silicon-based terahertz near-field imaging array for ex vivo life- science applications – Phase 2
Anders, Stuttgart
Bittl, Berlin
Korvink, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
Single-chip in-cell ESR and online reaction monitoring using VCO-based detectors
Blick, Hamburg Ultra-Fast Bio-Molecule Detection based on Radio-Frequency Nano-Pore and Nano-Channel Circuits
Karnaushenko, Dresden
Medina Sánchez, Dresden
Lab-in-a-tube: non-linear dielectric spectroscopy for multiparametric bioanalysis