Wokshop for Self-Awareness

Yes, I am good and I can make it! – Self-Awareness, self-confidence and self-management for female scientist


You often say ‘yes’ but mean ‘no’? You realize that other people have less difficulties in positioning themselves in the pole position and in taking credits for results that are not as good as yours? You would love to assert yourself as a woman in a male dominated scientific world and appear self-confident and professional? At the same time, you think it is important to act socially and to interact in a responsible way with your colleagues, team-members and supervisors? After all, you want to be successful in a scientific world without exploiting yourself?

Those who can position themselves and speak up for themselves find more listeners, appear more convincing and competent. Particularly in a scientific environment, you need to be able to advertise yourself and your results to be seen and heard.

In this workshop, we will work on your individual and authentic way to represent yourself and your talents without losing touch to your environment or being unsocial and selfish. You will learn to position yourself in a natural way and you will experience how to deal with the various challenges in your everyday working environment. At the end of the workshop you will have learned and experienced what you can do to create a successful path for your career as a female researcher through achieving positive attention and acknowledgement for what you do and what you love.


In the end of the workshop you will have learned and experienced

… how to position yourself authentically

… how you can find support for what you do

… which methods for promoting yourself are suitable for you

… which role your wishes and ideas play for your self-representation

… what prevents you from promoting yourself


  • Communication exercises
  • Wish-Program
  • Drivers and Transactions
  • Inner Team
  • Visualisation Techniques
  • Coaching and Self-Coaching

Target Group: Female associated scientists from DFG Priority Program: Electromagnetic Sensors for Life Sciences: New sensor concepts and technologies for biomedical analysis and diagnostics, process- and environmental monitoring), SPP1857, (Short title: ESSENCE)

Trainer: Fadja Ehlail, Com-Across

Date/Time: Monday, February 19th – Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Location: S1|03 (Old main university building), Room 212